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Product Designer



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Vaccine Thermic Container


Product that changes the vaccination campaign methods to reach people in hard-to-reach zones or with mobility difficulties.


Sanofi MEDevice Contest / National Finalist

Collaboration with Adrián Moncada & Cristina Laguna



Neo-Crafted Chair


Furniture that mixes craft techniques with modern materials / processes. It relates different type of industries existing in the country.


Palermo University "The latin chair" contest entry


ciao CIDI

International Exhibition


With the concept "Design through our eyes" this installation was meant to represent the context of Mexico and how designer plays an important role developing solutions to everyday problems.


Collaboration work with academic community and design related professionals.

Part of the Salone Satellite - Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012







Travel Pillow


Based on the mexican saying "Echarse un coyotito" (take a nap) its a ludical way to keep in mind the mexican lenguistic identity.


Collaboration with Ariel Rojo

Produced by MX Reload



Ephemeral Exhibition Furniture


Public piece for exhibiting a hanging orchid in the botanical garden of the UNAM. Built with scrap material and design for an easy transportation.


Collaboration with Cristina Laguna.



Active Designer. Constant Learner.


I am Guillermo Meza, an Industrial Designer born and raised in Mexico City; one of the most vibrant cities in the world.


Here I have learned that products can acquire social complexity when they relate to people and to their contexts; therefore DESIGN has a responsibility beyond correct function or aesthetics.


I believe objects can become the vehicle to tell an "underdog's" story, help the ones in need, promote social values or denounce bad practices.


I love what I do and I love challenges: Design will not save the world, but it is a good place to start.



Inclusive Public Network


Self-sustained system designed to help people with visual disabilities to travel around the city providing information both virtual and analogical.


Part of the "Mexico Design Net" workshop.

Collaboration with CIDI's students and professor.


Delta Wave

Exhibition Furniture


Prospective appliance for storing, cooling and heating food using peltier effect. The product allows the user to travel with a portable devide containing their food.


Electrolux Design Lab 2011 - Intelligent Mobility entry.



Washing capsule


In a 2030 scenario, this product is meant to substitute washing machines by using ionization and water filtering to contain used detergent, bacteria and filth after doing laundry.


Henkel Innovation Challenge 5 - International Finalist

Collaboration with Fernanda Pizá



Cultural Difussion Toy


Toy that aims to reduce discrimination towards indigenous communities by relating children to their cultural heritage and giving a new value to the diversity of the country.


Bachelor's dissertation project


Panta rhei

3d-Printed Silver Ring


Jewelry inspired in the Möbius strip, exploring the 3d printing capabilities.

Modeled in computer assisted software and printed with wax.


Featured in the 1st National Silver Design Biennial from the Franz Mayer Museum - 2013